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How SEO works?

 How SEO works?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically a process of getting more traffic from the search results on search engines. By doing SEO, you will learn about how to do web marketing. Basically all search engine optimizations (SEOs) is, to make your website look better for search engines. 

Some of the search engines are,,, Alta, etc. But people make more searches on Google as it is the most popular search engine among other search engines. So, Google uses a tool called page rank (PR) in order to order a web.

 Google has many search robots, which indexes all the contents of the related searches in its back store. O

n certain intervals of time, Google search robots update automatically to re-index the contents of other SEOs. The indexing activities of search engines promote a site to count the number of back links and to get more visitors.

 By doing SEO, you can increase the number visitors and traffic of your website.SEO is a way, where you can configure of your web site. You will hopefully show up your site no.1 in search results for free. So, if you do SEO properly you will get all the benefits of AdWords.

 The idea of AdWords is first given by Bill Gross who is an American businessman. Google AsWords is an advertising service to grow up your business. Google’s total advertising revenues were USD$ 42.5 billion. It also offers pay-per-click (PPC) or  cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, cost per mille (CPM) advertising. Advertisements are posted on the left side of the page and is denoted by Ads or sponsored.

Good SEO will improve a website’s rank across arrange of selected terms. However, any process by which a search engine is manipulated in order to guarantee a high placement is referred to as spamming. The successful execution of a SEO project requires skills in the areas of analysis, research, planning, copy writing and communication. SEO is divided into four interrelated phases.

1:Pre-site activities: The research and planning activities are undertaken before an existing of a new site or page.

2: On-site activities: The activities directly involved in the content and design of web pages.Writing the title, description and keyword meta tags.

3. Off-site activities: Building a portfolio of quality inbound links to your website.

4. Post-site activities: Analysing and responding to site traffic and user feedback. Once a web site has been optimized, effective SEO is a continuous activity.

Most of the Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) provide beneficial services for website authors including

§  Strong grip on SEO

§  Content review of site

§  Content building

§  Search of keywords

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