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How to create a blog on blogger?

 How to create a blog on blogger?

When we come across the word blog, several questions arise in our minds that what is a blog and how can we create a blog? The simple definition of a blog is to maintain or add content to a blog. Further, a blog is an informational site on www (World Wide Web) which consist of different posts published by the author. It is arranged in the order from the most recent post of the top of page to the older posts.

Making money is not difficult to the newly users. Everyone wants to make money online. Many people rise questions that, is it possible to make money through internet? Yes, it is possible to make money through internet. Millions of the people around the World are earning through the internet. Blogging is the easiest way to earn money online. 

The two most popular blogging tools help you to create a free blog. These two blogging tools are and Mostly people choose to create their blogs. Google provides 15GB free storage for your all blogs which is unlimited for text and small images using on your blog.To create a new blog, just go to, write and press enter. 

It is necessary to have a Gmail account before creating a blog. If you have no Gmail account, then signup for a Gmail account. Choose your first name, second name, fill the Email address you would like as a user, pick a password and the name you want for your new blog. Once you have create your account, then you can start blogging easily. 

After create your blog, you have to choose a domain name. Then you can select a domain name from easily.Set a template for your blog which you like perfect for your imagination. You can download a good template from Login your blog, go to template and click on backup/restore, select the downloaded template and save changes.

To promote your blog, you have to maintain your blog by posting new posts regularly. On a blog, the content consists of articles and posts that the author writes. The content should be your own. You can add pictures with the articles to attract people. You can write your content on MS word, than paste on the blog. It will save your article from grammatical mistakes.

 To maintain your blog, remember few common things. They are….Content area with articles listed most recent first. . An archived of older posts.. Ways for people to leave comments.
 You can post your content to share with your friends. The most important thing is to increase visitors, traffic and build links from other social media like,, and or via commenting on other blogs.

 You can also promote your blog by sending emails to your friends or family members individually, Face book shares, likes and by tweet likes or shares. I hope that this small article will help you to create a blog in If you have any questions, you can ask in comments.

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