The latest mobile –Q mobile L1 with PK RS 1600 only

The latest mobile –Q mobile -L1 with PK RS 1600 only

Q mobile-L1 is the latest new version of Q mobile company. It is not so costly but having more applications for their users. It is easy to use and you can get easily from any nearby mobile shop. You can get at minimum rate of PK RS 1600 only. L1-phone overview

exemobiletools.com1.      Receiver(mix with spk)
2.      LCD
3.      Navigation key
4.      Menu key    
5.      Music shortcut key
6.   Call key(sim- 1/2)
7.      Key pad
8.      Ok key
9.      Back key
10.  Photograph shortcut key
11.  End/power key
12.  Back cam
13.  USB jack
14.  LED torch
15.  Speakers
16.  Headset port

Features of Qmobile-L1·         Dual sim /dual standby
·         1.8QQVGA screen
·         Smart camera
·         FM radio
·         MP3 and video player
d    Games
·          BT
·         Torch light
·         Social networking apps
·         3.5mmaudio jack
·         Available in four colours
·         Expandable memory Support up to 16GB

For more details you can search on the following link.

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