Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Jaf Box Crack Setup Latest Version V1.98.67 With USB Driver Free Download


Cell phone flashing box jaf latest version v1.98.67 is released lot of new features. It is an amazing and latest updates for jaf flashing box / phone flashing software, This latest setup form you can directly download given download link, at the end of this post.This flashing box is introduced by jaf team and it provides free for the jaf software users. For better performance the jaf phones flashing software needs an updates.Don't be so confused, you can easily update or download this jaf flashing box from the given download link. while downloading, If you feel any problem. Then share your problems inform of comments. So, do fast, click the below download link to download and to enjoy the feature of this latest software for free.

  1. Easy to use
  2. All Windows to compatible
  3. Lighter that other flashing tool
  4. Read/ write flash
  5. Updating software/ firmware
  6. Cleaning the bugs like (Bluetooth error, No service, Contact service, Illegal software loaded)
  7.  Change the language
  8. Repair software
  9. Re-construct/ Repair IMIE
  10. Resetting user security lock
  11. Flash Bluetooth
  12. Save User setting and phonebook
  13. Full UI defaults
  14. UI Factory defaults
  15. Full Factory Defaults
  16. Software Upgrade Defaults 

Download USB Driver HERE
Download Here

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