AutoLike Biz v2.52 APK for Android Free Download

The social application is Autolike Biz likes to exchange, your Facebook account users find Auto Liker. If you can freely Like Autoliker and the Facebook auto reaction post within a short time period. Today the auto like trending, thus application belongs those users helping for you. so the AutoLiker Biz, all the about Facebook Likes, Instagram likes, show in the word. 
Then the Liker app using by users the massive number of likes, so the Auto Liker is the best of the world free android mobile phone operating system. You can amazing features and ability to more than the 300 Likes per submission. This other application is related to compare New this like, so choose a number Customize likes you want the app on FB pictures. 
Your likes submit between choose 50-350, the likes are real. This application is like an exchange tool also users, the same application any Facebook user is used on the Android operation system for like is the purpose and the app exchange simply reaction likes between the user.  If you can android amazing Auto Liker for free download from spending any coat this page is the direct download link. 
The Facebook Liker App is any other AutoLiker Biz free for an Android mobile phone device. The likes want the immense number to everyone the online photos. You can Facebook user for used are very easily to increase auto liker to online photos, the top liker app sharing post previous for the users are more much helpful provide, the auto liker app free share for  android mobile phone and tablet.
A popular platform to better Facebook has become to connect with your likes relatives (Family, Members, Friends and you really loved one whom) this circle is may looking massive likes of the number on this photos.
How to work?
If you can this app is very easily used to users first of all your Facebook Account Login from Android device. The easily several steps. This app in the Home page, the button “Get Access Token” the button has double click on the option and the generate this access token allows Auto Liker Login. The access token copy and paste it the input Box on the home page.


  1. You can get 350+likes and 50+ custom reaction bonus.
  2. Choose the number of the likes as you want.
  3. You can choose between 50-350 liker per submit.
  4. You can submits in every 15 minutes.
  5. It provides Free likes.
  6. Login by using Facebook ID.
  7. Free download for android mobile phone and tablet.

Auto liker Biz Login Method for Android

The app is very easily login method on very earlier login by using for over user the Facebook account through access token: the Facebook generated private key this key allows the user likes free for your photos or status, you can really likes free then you obey some rules regulation of this liker.
Change Follower Setting: Login your ID>open setting> set “ if you can follow me this option visible everyone (Public).
Age limit: your age is limit must 18+. The age setting right it means you can able to likes other wire your birthday setting change.
Posting privacy: you posting privacy to the set. Then the future post see every user.
The Auto liker Biz APK for free download from here and install on your android device hopefully the number increase of likes on your Facebook post. The download and install your user faces difficulty or used features you mention your opinion in the comment box.

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