Friday, 6 April 2018

Kurd Liker APK (Latest) V1.0 For Android Free Download

Kurd Liker APK (Latest) V1.0 For Android Free Download

The Facebook is most popular networking social media website. The user post share photo, status and videos with the friend maximum seconds. The Facebook is no need to more describe. You can Facebook profiles share status, the dream to a huge number of likes for the status or pictures.

 Then the profile picture is change thinks. You can sometimes get the likes 10 or 30 so the thousands of friends. Your friend;s problem is not your. If you can the large sharing of status from friends, pages or from groups.Kurd Liker with the help, so the huge number of likes for your profiles photos. 

The auto liker is using likes, comment and follower with in double click. The one submission on the 2,3 hundred likes itself. Because the submit request per 10 minutes in the same photos. A photos already submitted, You can Kurd Liker needed to still wait for ten minutes requires Facebook access called token. 

The follow is turn on option as I mentioned earlier to using to the like this app.Then the Facebook account email-password in your Kurd app. There are Facebook details to likes on your Facebook account. This pp did not remember don’t worry your Email or password. 

 The latest version APK is download and installation on your smartphone if the Kurd Liker App is easily login without access token on your Facebook. Kurd Likeris login only one tap of the click downloaded button.This app is thousands of likes on your status and pictures.

  If your post something is every time, the kurd Liker app is login and it likes for choose. Then the post public, you can see anyone, and Facebook friend and follower get news feed. The new app for free get likes.

Features OF Kurd Liker

§  You can get a huge number of likes.
§  Do not spam your account.
§  Best for getting instant and really likes.
§  Trusted and secured app.
§  Generate free likes and reactions.
§  Increase followers.
§  Much more.

The best application Liker is secured and safely to likes on Facebook posts. The App latest version is download and installed Geo Liker and comment. I think you can wish to downloaded and install app because single click on download given link and the free of coat for APK

App Information

Name:                    Kurd Liker
Version:                 V1.0
Supported OS:      All Androids
Developed By:       Kurd Likers
Price:                      Free of cost

Download Kurd Liker APK

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