Timbre App v2.1.9 APK (Cut, Join, Convert mp3) For Android Free Download

 Timbre App v2.1.9 APK (Cut, Join, Convert mp3)  For Android Free Download

This application of Timbre APK Audio and videos for editing files not for just editing. So the also your join and convert MP3 files. Then you are easily to easily tow and more then two files, you cut allows, join and convert Audio and Videos files it is freely complete. It allow this function an android mobile phone device. 

Your timbre APk is the best one of this MP3 and MP4 cutter. Your files Audio and Videos is very easily modify in few second. Your device takes files itself and you can fully access you make it how. The according made application the new generation that why the features in the two features there are two important features discussed now the most important and most required features is Convert text at the speech is amazing and your people for very new features. So the write new text and Copy paste in this application its very easily convert in the Audio file the Audio file is export as well as. The purpose especially coming application of Audio and Videos amazing features in this applet describe Audio features.

Videos Feature:

  1. You can cut Videos portions in different formats like MP4, Avi, Mky etc
  2. Add the different type of Videos clip in one file.
  3. Convert Videos clips in different formats like fly to MP4 , MP4 to Mky, Avi
  4. Remove Audio from a Video clips
  5. Change MP4 to MP3

Audio Features:


 So then the very nice features in added application, your are Audio file is select and your select the range is cutting, make it small. Your are middle part like don’t some people case and this song for remove so the easily do this help of timbre or you likes another part, this ringtone for your wish also used timbre for this purpose.


Timbre app for helping, so the two collect audio file and one of this make. Mix music makes it. The provide perfect this field the Timbre.


The audio file you to split lets this application into two sections, this app is perfect function is available.


This app is special functions it allows the audio file and videos file is all convert, them the change its formats.

App Details

Name:                        Timbre
Size:                            21.1MB
Current Version:       2.1.9
Required Android:    4.1 and UP
Developer:                   New York, NY 10021
Price:                            free of cost

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