Download WiFiKill APK (Latest) v2.3.2 Free for Android

Download the latest version for tablets with Android mobile phones and tablets with WIFIKill APK for the latest version of WIFI, download a WiFi connection, WiFi APK v2.3.2 Click the download link below. WiFi has to face more difficulties during the day of the network due to more than five or ten users connected to Android users. Then complete access to the WiFi network is available, yes it is, if the best Android application is the app format in which WIFI APK is v2.3.2, so you wi Connection cutting device if you are the best solution to kill another.
The connection is very easy to connect and hit connection devices. This application freely downloads the latest download link for the Android operating system, for the latest version post. We have high-speed internet access to the home or anywhere you live, the WiFi app is also used between the router in which you want to make WiFi more secure. WiFi router signal spread. It shows that any Android device and Wi-Fi signal users are connected to the best Android mobile phone to hack Wii through various hacking devices (Bonnie AP). Its easy Internet speed is very fast, so more users have to face difficulty to connect in this kind of way.

Your solution is available for Android, the WiFiKill app has hit very easily connected devices. If you have Internet service necessary in every field of life, you have the Internet life, because you have the Internet connection and it's fast, unlimited attachment for the Android Wifi for Android devices. To ensure that the device is hit, it is important to ensure root access to your Android device due to WiFi root AP access. If your device is not root, then take the following tools and help root your device Z4root, Android RootAPK, and root talented APK. Another of your connected devices troubles you. This particular application is the control ready to get your router if the connection is too fast to hit the devices connected to each other.


  1. WiFiKill app is downloading and installing on your Android device and then start searching and device search is connected to the same connection.
  2. It has two main tasks to arrest and kill.
  3. The main features of this website include, for example, to find other Android device or windows connected to your network, for example, developer's name, IP address, mac address, up and down Speed
  4. Hold WIFI again to start your device to disconnect WiFi devices.
  5. WIFI Key is AP with Android mobile phones, tablets.
  6. Android 4.0 and updated version WiFi APK.
  7. Download for Android Mobile Phones.

How does WiFi APK work on the Roaded Android device?

  1. The way to download and install is then opening on your integrated entry device.
  2. Grants Route Permission for WiFiKill App
  3. You can see the list of devices that are connected.
  4. Gab Click on all buttons to connect to your devices and communicate with your device.
  5. Press all attachments and hit the disconnected devices.

The best WiFi solution is now the developers have introduced to use on an Android device. Hopefully, hopefully, you will install and install your Android, your download link is this page. If the application is downloaded and installed within your people, any problem with any type of problem or any feature of the Wi-Fi app, your problem is to mention in the comment section.

Name:                     WiFiKill
Size:                         4.85KB
Current Version:    v2.3.2
Required Android:4.0+
Format:                  APK
Price:                         Free

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